About Us

The Winona Sportsmen's Club started in the early 1900's.  We have a beautiful venue for shooting with mostly sky as the background.  The club has 100 acres for use with our 5 trap houses, 2 skeet towers,  4 pistol bays and a 100 yard rifle range.  Our club house hosts the Stan Ledebuhr Kitchen and serves burgers, fish, chicken, fries, rings and curds.  A cozy fireplace sits in the main gathering room next to the classroom which hosts conceal carry and firearms saftey classes.  A bar with pop and beer and a large screen TV make for a comfortable day after shooting.  We have a large membership with many helpful members willing to lend a hand with all new shooters.

We Are a Club Dedicated to Education, Safety, and the Participation and Promotion of the Shooting Sports.