2018 News-N-Dues Letter

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Some club talk from our President

8-01The gate is working very well.  Destructive behavior and trash left behind has almost been eliminated.  The membership has grown to over 600 members.  Thank  you for being so patient with us during our growth process.
8-09We saw the big 10 point buck again last Monday night by the pond.
8-11This next week is the last night of trap league.  We are having an open grill night.  Bring and cook your own meat.  We will have the pit hot and ready for you!
8-12We will be starting a Legacy Program.  You may leave a Legacy or memorial for any particular area of the club or just for whatever the club needs.  You will be recognized!  Look for the Legacy brick on our new proposed skeet range to be  available soon.
8-12Remember to put the Dusty Speltz Memorial Trap Shoot on your calendar.  It will be held Oct 4th and consists of 100 16 yard targets.  The cost will be $25 for the shooting and the prize fee, $5 for Optional Lewis Class and $10 for the Optional 25 straight pot.  $40 for the total program with all options. Look for flyers and a notice in the trap section of our web site.
8-31I find myself awaiting another night of trap shooting tomorrow.  Of course the league has concluded.  It is sweet sour.  I was approached by 3 people the last night of league and they asked me if the league could go back to 16 weeks like it way years ago instead of the 14 weeks we currently shoot.  I replied I don't know, we will have to poll the rest of the league and see if they would want to.  We would finish at the same time we did this year (since we had 2 rain outs).  This is one of the best times to shoot weather wise, and I would support it if the league does.  We will ask your thoughts at the Trap League Banquet this December.
9-19  Don't forget about the ATA shoot this Sunday and also the Dusty Speltz Memorial shoot Oct 4th.  The weather has been awesome lately.  I am excited for the fall hunting season.
12-10  Now that we all have meat in our freezers it's time to start thinking about the blizzard shoots.  The club house is open again every Saturday from 10-2 for skeet and trap practice.  Come up and shoot, or just shoot the breeze.  I would love to see you.  The kitchen is open and the burgers hot and juicy.
12-14  We had a great weekend at the club.  Lots of trap shooting, pistol shooting and a busy kitchen.  You can't ask for any better weather in December.  I am getting excited for the annual banquet.  You should see all the nice stuff we have.  Remember to get your banquet sheet in right away for a chance to win a pistol and to make sure we have enought tickets left for you.  Only 225 being sold!  They are rolling in.
1-12-15  Happy new year!  We shot the first blizzard shoot last Sat at Gunslick and MN lost by 3 birds.  It is a yearly effort so we hope to make them up this Sat at our club here in Winona.  We need more MN shooters so come on up.  Sign up is from 9 - 2.  The annual banquet is set for Sat the 24th and is already sold out.  We have over 225 people paid and signed up.  It will be really fun and we will have lots of really nice stuff.  See ya there!
2-11-15  The banquet went really well.  Lots of nice comments.  I know it was crowded.  Thank you for supporting our club!  We will use the money to improve our club for you!
2-16-15  We have about 30 spots left open for the Trap Banquet.  Carved roast beef, baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gravey, corn, slaw, fruit salad and a roll.  Trophies will be handed out and we may have a raffle of two.  Call me if you want to come!
02-17-15  For your convenience, we can now accept credit cards in the club house.  The target machine is frozen at a slight forward angle so the coins will not go in.  I will fix it when it warms up a bit.
06-09-15  We are getting ready to start the 2 25 yrd pistol bays!  I am excited.  The South  Eastern ZATA zone shoot is June 19-22.  We will have a lot of people at our club.  Skeet will be open, however the trap range and the rifle range will be closed for this event.  We need all the traps.
02-11-16  I am very happy with the banquet turn out.  It was fun and we gave away a lot of guns.  We will have some steel plates installed in the 2 new 25 yrd pistol bays as soon as the ground thaws out.  It gets a bit sloppy up there in the spring as the frost comes out of the ground.  Drive safely.
The new code is active
02-18-16  I was at the club this morning, having our fire protection system inspected, and saw 4 beautiful roosters on the road.  The Ringneck is one of the worlds most beautiful bird.  Tasty too!
02-19-16  I want to thank the Winona Sportsmen's Club for their up to date website.  It is informative, accurate and up to date.  Our club and Gunslick were the only clubs to report results from the blizzard shoots out of 6 clubs!
12-20-16  I am very happy with the progress of the new skeet range. It should be up and running by mid summer. We are well under way in developing our plans for the new 300 yard rifle range.  2018 should be the open date. We have a lot of ground to move, berms to build, a covered shooting area,etc.  Wow, are we working hard for you!

03-12-17  Everyone should have the new gate code by now.  If you don't it is either because you are not current with your dues or I have you listed with a bad address. Please call me at 507-458-7607 and I will verify your membersip and address and give you the new code.  

I am excited to start the new 300 yard rifle range.  We will have 3 berms. One at 300, one at 200 and one at100.  We will have a covered shooting area from a common firing line and a crushed rock road with a couple of golf carts available to check your targerts.  There will be steel as well as a backboard for paper targets on each.  

The new skeet field need electrical and sidewalks yet before it is is completed.  I sure would like to get a skeet league going!  MSHS Skeet league as well.

We are over 1000 members now and will gain a bunch more when the rifle range is done.  I hope you are happy with the changes we are making.  We are doing it for you!

Last year we had over 1000 conceal carry graduates. We have 4 instructors and there doesn't seem to be any slow up.  If you are interested look at our pistol page and contact one of the instructors to sign up.  The open date are on our events calendar for 2017.

Our anual banquet had over 100 guns last year.  The next one will be in January of 2018,  We have over 300 attendees to our banquet and appreciate your support!  We use most of the money for youth, shells, birds, targets, .22 rounds, instruction etc.  It is what we do!  That leaves our general fun availble for club improvements.  The banquet is an important part of our growth.  Thank you for your support.

4-12-17  I am excited for this Saturdays Bunny Trap shoot!  Remember it is open to the public and any skill level has a chance to win with our (Lewis) handicap format.  Shooting times 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.  We are close to ground breaking on the NEW 300 yrd rifle range!  Yes!  

If you can help at all with the spring range clean up we would appreciate your help on Sunday April 23rd.  We will begin around 8:00 am.  Come for the day or come for an hour, but come and help. Thank you.  Our members are the best. :)

4-18-17  I am really looking forward to the start of summer trap league.  It starts next week!  It is not too late to join in yet.  Just give me a call at 507-458-7607!  Shooting is every Monday night for 14 weeks.

06-12-17 Congrats to the MSHS Trap Team!!!  They took 10th in the State Shoot in Alexandrea.

We had a incident last month with a few people shooting cans off the benches.  We caught them and made them come up and fix the benches and pay for the supplies.  They got off easy!  You can be prosecuted for destruction of property and lose your membership if we see fit.  Also entering the grounds without your membership card and using someone else's gate code will get you a trespass charge.  

If anyone notices any suspicious activity or anyone doing what they shouldn't be, please ask them to stop.  Then take down their license plates and get a hold of myself or another board member.  We will deal with it.  Do not confront them other than telling them to stop.​  There will be more and more range officers on the ranges now.  They will have on the orange vests and can help you with any issues.  Thank you!

08-19-17  Just as a heads up.  There has not been a dues increase in a few years.  It will happen as of 2018.  If you are considering a life membership, this year is the time.  If you have paid an annual for this year we will subtract that amount from the life for you.  Look forward to the Grand opening of the new rifle range this fall!

10-05-17  We are making progress on the rifle range!  The covered shooting line is being constructed and another 240 loads of dirt has been dumped.  When you see Pat, Sue, Matt or Mark Durnen thank them, buy them a drink or lunch if you would.  Their help on this project has been completely as a donation.  They have spent many many hours up there hauling. grading and pushing dirt.
​Pat is amazing in his skill level with the dozer!  This project couldn't of happened without them!!!Be patient, it will be finished soon.  There are many items yet to be tied up and standard operating procedures are being fine tuned.  It will be worth the wait.

01-04-18  This will be my last post as I am now retired from the Presidency.  Your NEW President is Dwight Keenan.  He will take you through 2018 and beyond.  I have the best confidence in him and his abilities.  His sense of humor is second to none.  Leaving this position is sweet and salty.  We have accomplished much together.  The board of directors has grown into a group of people listening to your needs and making quality decisions.  I thank you all for putting your trust in me and hope you have been satisfied with my performance.  Shoot safe, shoot straight and shoot often.  Sincerely, Tim Glowczewski, President Emeritus.