USPSA Pistol Practice Group - Every Tuesday from May 01st to Sept 18th 2018
Ranges #1 thru #4 Reserved after 4:00 pm

Rimfire League - ​Every Thursday from May 4th thru Sept 28th
Range #1 Reserved after 4:00 pm

WINONA USPSA PISTOL PRACTICE GROUP - 2018 season begins May 01st.

These practice shoots are based upon United States Practical Shooting Association rules. 
Courses of fire include both cardboard silhouette and falling steel targets. 
Show up any time after 4 pm to help set up stages, the help is always appreciated!

  Equipment: Pistol minimum caliber 9mm | 150 rounds of ammo typical | Magazines 2-5 that hold approximately 35-40 total rounds | Mag pouches | OWB holster | Sturdy belt | Shoes closed toe | Eye & Hearing Protection. 
If you don't have all of this equipment for your first time ... no problem! Come and learn more or just observe.

 Cost: $10 ... This is to cover the cost of cardboard targets and wear-n-tear on our steel targets / props.

 Who Can Participate: Anyone! As long as you are capable of safely controlling your own firearm, you can shoot. Those under 18 are welcome with a parent or guardian present on the range.

Setup @ 4 pm - Sign-In @ 5:45 pm - Shoot @ 6 pm.
Current Shoot Status Here

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The Winona Sportsmen’s Club offers two different ways to have fun with your favorite .22 that we shoot Thursday evenings. We offer two options that we shoot every other week. Leagues begin May 4th, 2017.

Rimfire Sporter League: Is modeled after a CMP program of the same name. It gives shooters a recreation oriented competition that can be shot with the same favorite rimfire that they use for small game and plinking. No fancy equipment required, or allowed! The Course of Fire (COF) will require 60 rounds per night. All shooting is done at 25 & 50 yards from the Standing, sitting, and prone positions.
This COF puts a premium on accuracy, and it will make you a better, more accurate shooter.

Rimfire Steel Challenge: Is a program designed to be fun and safe for shooters of all ages and skill levels. The Course of Fire will consist of steel plates set at various distances from 8 to 35 yards, and will be shot using .22 rimfire rifles and/or handguns only. Speed is the name of the game here and targets are large enough to make it fun for all.
Estimated round count per evening will be 50-80 rounds if you shoot both rifle and handgun courses. 
We do have quality .22 ammo available for participants (17 & under) at ½ the current market price, so don’t let lack of ammo stop you from bringing the kids.

The Pistol and Rifle ranges are open from 8:00am until sunset.
The 100 yard Rifle range is closed when the Skeet range is in use.
The 25 & 50 yard Pistol and Rifle ranges can be used anytime except during 
organized shooting, special events, or when the Goodview PD has its scheduled shoots.

(Check the club calendar and watch for posted notices.)

100 yard RIFLE RANGE
NO Birdshot or Buckshot!
Rifles, Muzzloaders, and Shotguns with slugs only.

25 & 50 yard PISTOL/RIFLE RANGES (Bays 1-4)
NO Birdshot or Buckshot!


01.Eye and Hearing protection required!
02.No trespassing without a current Membership Card or Day Pass in possession, or as the              guest of a member.
03.The use of Shotguns using Birdshot/Buckshot is prohibited on ALL Rifle & Pistol ranges.                Shotguns with birdshot must use the metal patterning board between the trap houses.
04.Paper targets stapled on provided backers ONLY! (Do not staple to lumber.)
05.Steel plates allowed if designed for caliber being used. (Minimum distances: 10yds for                pistol & 100yds for rifle.)
06.All shooters must use a common firing line.
07.Cold Line: Magazines removed or empty, and actions open
08.No handling firearms when others are downrange.
09.No exploding targets, ground bouncing targets, glass containers, metal cans, etc.
10. Pull & dispose all your targets before leaving. Clean-Up! Use the provided trash barrels.
11. No Full Auto fire is allowed at this club. See Board Member for details.
12. Use of alcohol before or during shooting prohibited!

Violation of any of these rules may result in immediate loss of range privileges, legal charges, and/or forfeiture of membership!

WSC Board of Directors


Hours: 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM Cost: $100.00
Completion of this course fulfills the training requirements for a Minnesota
Permit to Carry a Handgun, which is valid in twenty three states. It also
fulfills the training requirements for Wisconsin, Iowa and Florida Permits.
A Florida Permit is honored in 33 States. This is a basic course for men or
women with little or no experience with firearms. It includes handgun
actions and function, legal aspects, practical application of laws, basics
of marksmanship, and a live fire exercise on the range. Handguns are
available for those who do not yet own one. Instructor is a retired
officer, police firearms instructor and Master Class shooting competitor.
The Winona Sportsmen's Club kitchen is open every Saturday, so if your class is on Saturday you will have access to great food.  Snacks will be available Sat and Sunday but  some students may wish to pack a lunch on Sundays as the kitchen is not open. For class dates and further details contact Fred Petersen at (507) 689-2657.


Click Here For Calendar Of Upcoming Winona Class Dates

Winona Permit to Carry Class. The class will be held at the Winona Sportsmen's Club. You can register or ask questions at precisionplusfirearms.com or show contact info 
 This class is Multi-State Class. With the MN permit you may carry in 27 states. And with a FL Non-Resident 34. Total cost is $80.00 with no additional fees. Register at

 http://www.precisionplusfirearms.com/ or call 507-533-5774

 If you do not have a gun we can provide you with one for free.
 What will you receive from this class?
 *5 Years of Support (Email or Phone Support Anytime)
 *When you take my class you leave with many handouts with important information, including maps of the states that honor a MN Permit To Carry, MN Self-Defense Laws, Use of Force.
 *Free Concealed Carry Magazine
 *What Every Gun Owner Needs to Know About Self-Defense Law Booklet
 *Casual and Upbeat Class
 *FL Non-Resident Application Packet
 *An Instructor with a #1 goal of making sure you are comfortable and confident in carrying a firearm for self-protection
 *Satisfaction Guaranteed 
 *Access to "After Class Support" Page with videos and additional information to share with your family.