The Durnen Range

This is the new Winona Sportsmen's Club rifle range.
It features a 14 position covered firing line with shooting benches and distances of 100, 200 and 300 yards!

(* Please Note: This range is not open for shooting yet. Keep Off!)

Development of this new range continues!
The concrete work has been completed. 
Landscaping around the covered firing line is next.
Some final siding work and electrical installs to be done.
Target bunker materials have been delivered and are ready to build.

A number of Range Officers are now rostered and a schedule will be published.
Range Officer training classes will be offered as needed.
This range will be under the direction of an RO at all times.

A range orientation class will be mandatory for all range users
prior to being allowed to shoot this range.

​"Thank You!" to Durnen Trucking & Excavating,
Pat & Sue, Matt , and Mark, for making this all possible.

Durnen Range Calendar  Check here for the hours of operation for the new range!
The 100 yard Rifle Range is still Open!
This range is available for use and has 3 shooting benches at 100 yards.

(Please Note: This range is closed on Thursday and Saturday mornings while Skeet Field #1 is in operation.)